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A sprained ankle needs to be "rested". You can elevate it on a pillow and apply ice (20 minutes on... 20 minutes off) to reduce swelling. If given crutches, USE them. Stay off your foot until the time your doctor says and definitely as long as there is pain or swelling. You can resume walking as you are able to bear weight-- usually within a couple weeks.

Take care with strenuous activities or if walking in snow/ice or up/down stairs. Also take care with twisting motions, such as turning corners.

If you follow your doctor's orders, you'll be back on your feet in no time.

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Ice it for the first day to reduce inflammation and then start applying heat/ warm baths to improve circulation.

Elevate it initially to reduce swelling.

Wrap it for support and to keep swelling down.

Rest it until feeling better.

Gently move the ankle around to help preserve motion. Some say to write the letters of the alphabet with your toes in the air.

Take anti-inflamatories such as Motrin/ Advil/ ibuprofen and Aleve.

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Keep it stabilized, keep weight off the ankle and get enough rest. Plan on two months or so, you can lengthen this, but not much can shorten it.

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To spit on it

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Q: How can you heal a sprained ankle really quickly?
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Should you use crutches if you have a sprained ankle?

Yes. I had to use crutches when I sprained my ankle. If you walk on it, it won't heal. And limping is fatiguing.

Does an inreased calcium intake heal a sprained ankle faster?

It will not do so. But then you have placebo effect.

How long does it take a sprained foot to heal?

It generally takes 3 to 6 weeks for a mild to moderate sprain to heal. to fully heal the ankle it takes 1 year.

What happens if you don't wear a cast when you have a sprained ankle?

Very unlikely that it will heal correctly, may heal wrong causeing you pain to move it, if you can move it at all.

Can you still tumble with a mild ankle sprain?

You can, but if you want your ankle to heal quickly then you really should rest it. A sprain is painful, and tumbling will hurt. Plus depending on the intensity of your tumbling, some tumbling (like back-handsprings or tucks) require the tumbler to have strong ankles. When your ankle is sprained, it is not at its full strength. So you need to be careful, because tumbling with your sprained ankle could lead to more injuries. I really suggest that you rest your ankle, put as little weight on it as possible, use ice and heat when needed, wrap it, and give it time. When the pain and swelling goes down a little, start tumbling little by little. You'll be back to tumbling in no time, though, so don't worry. A sprain takes much less time to heal than a fracture does.

How do you heal a serious sprained ankle?

Rice Procedure R Rest and support I ice cold Compression C compression E elevation

What to do if you have a sprained ankle hurting even after two months?

If the pain is gradually diminishing over time, don't worry - it will heal. A lot of it depends on your age. When I was 18, I sprained my ankle three times in that one year. It took no longer than two weeks to heal each time. When I was 50, I badly sprained my ankle again. It took five months before the pain was completely gone. If you are a young person, and it still hurts after two months, talk to a doctor. If you are past forty - give it time.

How long does it take for a sprained foot to heal?

It generally takes 3 to 6 weeks for a mild to moderate sprain to heal. to fully heal the ankle it takes 1 year.

Is a sprained ankle superficial?

A sprained ankle is a minor wound, but it's certainly not superficial, it is really a damage to the conjunctive tissue of the joint (usually the ligaments) imagine that your bones are held together at the joint by small wires and ropes which behave like rubber bands, when you twist a joint really hard, these rubber bands stretch and they swell causing pain, they will heal by immobilizing the joint, if they break, then it is not a sprain it is a ligament break and has to be fixed with surgery.

How long does a sprained hand take to heal?

If your hand is just sprained, it should heal in 7-10 days.

Sprained ankle to heal?

Go to the doctor's office to see if it's a fracture. Then, stay home and relax. Don't walk on ot too much. You may increase the damage or the pain.

Is scoliosis worse than a sprained back?

Yes because sprained backs heal scoliosis can be permanent