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Q: How can you have a good Hygeine?
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What is the difference between poor hygeine and good hygeine?

=== === === === === ===

What does a clean face represent?

Good pesonal hygeine.

What are skills you need for cooking?

Hygeine, pateince, knowlege with recipes, hygeine, hygeine, hygeine!! Clean as you go!

Good hygiene practice concerning HIV aids viruses and hepatitis?

Give me some good hygeine practices with regards to HIV and AIDS?

What can you do to get a boyfriend?

Fix your hair and makeup, have good hygeine, smile and laugh a lot, don't be scared to ask guys out yourself.

How do you get bad bacterias?

bad hygeine

Why do you have showers?

Hygeine, same as bathtubs.

How do you get impressive to girls?

practice good hygeine , open doors for them , say please and thank you ,compliment them on their eyes , hair , clothes,etc.

Why do dogs need hygeine?

It helps them keep clean and healthy. If your dog has bad hygeine, bathe it,groom, and take it to the vet for more details.

What are the 3 ways germs can get into bodies?

1.Threw an open wound. 2.Drinking unpurified water 3.not having good hygeine.

How can you make myself more approachable?

Have a positive attitude, including good posture, a smile on your face, and complement people. Make sure you have good hygeine, and wear presentable clothing.

What did Jaun Ponce De Leon die from?

He died from hygeine