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write a love poem....who knows what will happen to you if he/she reject you and call for "meeting" that can get you in trouble

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Q: How can you get your teacher to fall in love with you?
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How do you get your teacher to fall out a window?

We love mickey and bryce!!!!!!

Is it unethical to fall in love with a student?

No, love has no boundaries and limitations. A teacher can fall in love with every student she teaches. So,it is not at all unethical. Love can take any form.

Can a female student fall in love with a female teacher?

Yes if she is a lesbian.

Is it wrong for a 13 year old girl to fall in love with her math teacher?

Yes. Especially if the teacher is a old male. GROSS!

From whom did dia sheena uday and ranvijay will fallen in love?

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What was the name of the french movie with the teacher and high school student who fall in love?

all things fair

Is it ok to fall in love with a teacher who is single?

Yes.It did happen to me but he is 34 and I am 12 ... No love can happen but I'm madly in love, just continue loving and follow your dreams!

How do you fall in love if you are 11?

I believe that I have fallen in love with a guy at school. Somehow in every attempt I try to talk to him about it a friend, teacher, or a parent gets in the way. So absolutely, us preteens can fall in love So don't be afraid

Jack is in love with his teacher but feels guilty about it. In class, he acts like a horrible, disrespectful brat. What defense is jack using?

rudeness trying to not fall in love

What is the name of the movie about an Indian man who meets a white teacher and they fall in love but the man's family finds out about the love and arranges for him to to get married?

A Fond Kiss. Great movie.

How do you get somebody to fall in love with you?

you don't get someone to fall in love with you you let them fall in love with you.

Can you fall in love?

Of course you can fall in love...everyone in this whole world have to fall in love with someone