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Ask her to.

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Q: How can you get your girlfriend to finger herself in front of you?
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Do you finger your girlfriend with the whole of your finger or part of it?

all of it =] depends what she likes

When should you finger your girlfriend?

Only when she wants you to.

Is okay to finger your girlfriend?

if she agrees to it yes

Can you stick a finger in your girlfriend's anus?

Not a good idea ...

How did David Draiman's girlfriend kill herself?

David Draiman's girlfriend hung herself because she was a heroine addict with self esteem issues. When he broke up with her, she hung herself.

How long can a woman finger herself for?

for as long as she wants to

Is it lega to finger your 14 year old girlfriend in Michigan?


What can happen if you finger your girlfriend with unwashed hands?

she may have an infection...

Does Niall want a girlfriend?

Niall really dosent care what race you are In fact he only looks for a girl with a good humor and who isn't afraid to be herself and eat in front of him

Which fingure do you wear the ring your girlfriend gave you?

Right hand ring finger, which id the one next to your little finger.

How can you find someone 2 finger your belly button?

Ask your boyfriend/girlfriend to wiggle their finger in your belly button. They might do it.

Where does your girlfriend have to press to make you ejaculate when she put her finger in your anus?