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Q: How can you get rid of keloid on your chest?
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If a person has a keloid on his chest and his ears is pierced and are fine Is it possible for him to get a tattoo on his neck?

it should be fine, just take good care of it.

Is a keloid a blister?

A keloid is an overgrown scar, not a blister.

What is the difference in a keloid and an adhesion?

what is the difference between a keloid and an adhesion

Can you do something to get rid of the dent in the bottom of the chest?


What is the scientific name for keloid?

Keloid is the normal medical term used.

What is the best chest workout routine?

The best chest workout routine for guys to do to get rid of moobs is to work on your pecs. You can build muscle to get rid of the fat that is your moobs.

What happens if you pick off your keloid?

If you pick off your keloid it grows back.

How do you open the chest in the investager's home?

You have to get at least 5 million then get the key then get rid of the 5 million so you can get to the chest P.S-You don't have to get rid of all 5 million in order to be able to get to the chest just most of it. Also the easiest way to get rid of the money is to transfer it into Albion's treasury

How can you get rid of chest acne?

yes wash your chest with non prefume soap everyday you take a shower

How do you get rid of back and chest acne really fast?


How long are you contagious with a chest cold?

A person is contagious with a chest cold for about 2 weeks. A doctor can give you medicine to help you get rid of the chest cold.

Can keloid spread to your adjacent tissues?

No. The keloid is an alteration of the healing process, so it only can appear in injured skin.