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most people think that rubbing their temples gets rid of it actually place your thumb on the roof of your mouth for 30 seconds

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Q: How can you get rid of head aches?
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Does chocolate help head aches?

no it does not help but if you go to a nice dark place you can get rid of it

What helps get rid of head aches?

by drinking a glass of water or stop doing anything that requires concentration.

How does soda get rid of head aches?

The caffeine in pop. the only pop you drink to get rid of headaches is mountain dew. Take it from me i have gotten migraine headaches schice i was three and im 11 now.

What are the symptoms for corn allergies?

Head aches, stomach aches, exzema

What disease includes high fever muscle aches and head aches?

Sounds like influenza.

What is wrong with a 41 year old female if they get very bed head aches every day?

What wrong with a 41 year old woman that gets head aches every day? My head has been hurting for one week and I have not been to the doctor. I was hoping that you could tell me why I have so many head aches.

What plants are used to cure head aches?


Can ear infections cause head aches?


Can stress cause gum ache and head aches?

I Know That Stress Can Cause Headaches, But I Am Not So Sure About Gum Aches.

Does marijuana help people in other country's?

yes and it helps people in this country with pain from cancer or people with joint problems. even minor aches and painslike stomach aches and head aches

What are the effects of porphyria?

scars boils fingers falling of head aches

What could one be lacking to cause head aches?

Water -.- xD