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find a new friend."with benifits"

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2010-11-16 22:38:25
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Q: How can you get over a friend with benefits?
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Whats a friend with benefits?

a friend with benefits means that you are not in love you still are friends but you have a sex life

Should i be friend with a friend who as a friend with benefits?

No, make your own friends.

What are the benefits of the tesco clubcard?

the benefits are that you have a credit card to give to your mum remember friend it ain't over til the fat lady sings sorry to bring your mum into this

Is it cheating if you have a boyfriend and a friend with benefits?

it depends, if you have a friend with benefits that you makout and ect, yes it is cheating BUT, if you have a frend with benefits but you dont do anything sexual then no its not cheating

What does it mean to have a friend with benefits?

Having a friend with benefits insinuates a friend whom one can have sexual relations with "no strings attached." There is no mutual committed relationship.

How do you know if you have a friend with benefits?

The benefits is sex, so you would know.

How do get a friend with benefits?

a well relationship. Can share sorrows and happiness with our friend.

Best friends with benefits?

We should not think for benefits from best friend. If he/she is our true best friend then they will help us before we say....

What do you call someone who is friend with benefits but not much as a friend?

Someone you are sleeping with. Friends with benefits means that there is actual friendship aside from the sex.

What are the benefits of a boyfriend girlfriend?

the benefits are great just ask my friend bob

What benefits do orthodontists get?

ask my friend on 0402655877 he a good friend hes orthodntist

Who is Andre Rieu's close friend Petra?

She's his friend with benefits <3

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