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you cant get a low metabolism you are born with a high or low metabolism and you cant change it

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Q: How can you get a low metabolism?
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What is the two kind of metabolism?

Low metabolism and high metabolism.

What is low metabolizer?

A low metabolism is of course, the opposite of a high metabolism. If you have a low metabolism, your body processes food a lot slower than a high metabolism, so you gain weight a lot easier and faster. It's also hard to work of the fat.

What is a period of low metabolism and inactivity?

That would be hibernation.

Is it true if you have a low metabolism then you will never be able to lose weight?

I strongly believe that metabolism rate plays a vital role in our weight issues, basically metabolism determines the rate at which body converts food and drink into energy. Here there is a chance to get less weight loss with low metabolism rate when we compared that of high metabolism rate.

Can a person with a high metabolism die earlier than someone who has low metabolism? - 55k

Do mammals have a low rate of metabolism?

Some do, but most are medium.

Where can I buy metabolism boosting foods?

If you have a low metabolism then you will need to ingest food that will boost your metabolism such as, soup, grapefruit, apples, pears, and oatmeal. These food products can be purchased from any local food stores such as Tesco or Asda. Drinking plenty of water will also help boost a low metabolism.

What would be the effect of a hypophysectomy on the metabolism?

if patient had high metabolismgain weight .and low metabolism weight loss and hair loss.

Should your metabolic rate must be high or low?

Well its okay to have low metabolism when you have high metabolism it means that when you eat alot of junk food you wouldn't gain as much weight as you really would if you didnt have high metabolism. Hope this helped!

Is high or low metabolism good for losing fat?

High broski

Average weight for a 5'2 girl?

It all depends on how old you are and your metabolism. If you have a high metabolism you would be approximately 90-100 pounds. If you have a low metabolism you would be approximately 100-200 pounds.

What causes an extremely low body metabolism?

eating and then lying down and sleeping.

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