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If they are a little fat then say "you are a little chubby (in a nice way)" but if they are really fat say "try to lose a little weight you don't look healthy. Hope this helps I'm trying to do this in a nice way don't call them fat just say they are chubby or overweight

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Listen i don't want to be rude but why do you want to call someone fat? try and use empathy because either way its gonna hurt their feelings its just gonna make their self esteem down. But if you want to inform them that they should lose weight and eat less you should make them in a diet and say like "hey i/we think you should lose weight and start a diet" something like that don't say :

chubby,fat,over sized weight,thick,dangerouse,etc. ok? Because i know how it feels i used to be fat.. :\ and it just put my self esteem really down so please if you tell them try to be like nice.

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Q: How can you call someone fat without hurting there feelings?
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