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get a 18 year old to buy you them and hide them somewhere

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Q: How can you buy diet pills without your parents knowing?
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Can taking diet pills when your 15 be bad?

Yes, taking diet pills without being under the supervision of a doctor can be bad for you.

How do you lose belly fat without changing your diet?

exerxise or take diet pills

How do you lose weight faster and get better results without pills?

Try a certain diet, maybe scarsdale diet.

How can you shed 30 lbs in 10 days without diet pills?

You can't.

What diet pills work without exercise?

No diet pills really work that good without exercise, if you aren't going to do cardio, at least try to do some muscle building, like lifting weights or something, that's what will keep you strong and fit.

What is the risk of taking diet pills and not knowing that you are pregnant?

The baby will lack in nutritence, and you may also. It means your suppose to gain weight not lose it.

Which diet pills is stongest?

No diet pills work, so therefore no diet pill is the strongest

How much are diet pills for kids?

Kids can't take diet pills

Do diet pills still work after expiration date?

diet pills after expiration

What are some good diet pills you can buy when you are only 14. Anything I can purchase in stores without having to be 18?

It isn't healthy to take diet pills before the age of 18, especially when you are 4 years below that age. Your body is still growing and will not react well with the pills. Many diet pills can weaken the heart and cause complications. Depending on the state, you may not be able to purchase diet pills below 18 years of age.

Can you take diet pills and breastfeed?

can you breastfeed and take diet pills! The short answer- NO WAY

How can you purchase slim ball diet pills?

How can I purchase the slim ball diet pills