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just mutter stuff like stupid hospital. or my stupid brother wanting to wear adult diapers all of the time when someone looks at you funny.

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Q: How can you buy adult diapers without people thinking they are for you?
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I need good quality disposable diapers at a great cost.?

Stoegroup offers adult diapers wholesale at the best price. It is one of the top adult diaper manufacturers and suppliers all over India. adult diapers wholesale adult diapers Delhi buy adult diapers adult diapers for women adult diapers XXL adult diapers large adult diapers xl diapers for old age overnight diapers for adults diapers for an elderly woman

How do you change adult diapers in public?

You dont change adult diapers in public!

Where can you get diapers for a 20 year old?

go to walmart and buy adult diapers and if you are a SMALL adult buy TEEN diapers.

Why dont they make adult diapers like baby diapers?

They do make adult diapers. One brand is called Depends. They are for adults with bowel or urinary problems. i think he means the designs on the diapers adult diapers look boring baby diapers do not. I don't thinks so.

Should you wear adult diapers diapers all day?


What is the difference between baby diaper and adult diaper?

Adult and baby diapers are the same, except adult diapers are much bigger.

Can people wear diapers in swimming pool?

Cloth diapers are ok, but disposable diapers in a pool will brake apart and damage the pool filters. That is why children have disposable "Swim diapers". There are even Adult "Swim diapers" now, so if you have that problem, then buy "Swim diapers".

Where can I discreetly purchase adult diapers that will be delivered to my home?

Yes, you can order the adult diapers online. You can get them at, or You can also get them at or

Were can i walk in to buy adult baby diapers?

There are no "adult baby diapers". Adults aren't babies. But there are diapers for adults. Any store selling nursing supplies should have them.

Information On Adult Diapers?

There are many reasons to purchase adult diapers, the most common reason is incontinence, the inability to control one's bodily functions. Further research into adult diapers show that there are several types and styles, and can suit whatever activity level. Nowadays, adult diapers can be conveniently bought everywhere, especially online, where subscription services can eliminate any embarrassment associated with dealing with sales people. As people get older they may experience leakage due to bladder control issues or incontinence, and wearing an adult diaper solves any concerns. Some people suffer from overproduction of urine and often find it is inconvenient to go to the bathroom. An enlarged prostate can cause incontinence, as well as over stimulation of the bladder caused by beverages with caffeine, like coffee and soda. People with afflictions like dementia need to wear adult diapers, as do people with mobility issues. Other reasons for wearing adult diapers are for jobs that cause you to go hours without using the bathroom, like pilots and guards that stand around for long periods of time. Even astronauts wear diapers during liftoff or landing. Divers find wearing adult diapers convenient so that they do not need to surface in order to relieve themselves. Different types of adult diapers are on the market today. There are the diapers that look like infant diapers, made of plastic, with seals on the sides to keep them up. Other diapers resemble sanitary napkins and are placed onto undergarments and are kept in place by a glue-like, sticky substance. Adult diapers can also look like underpants with liners, removing the need to wear underwear. There are even washable and reusable liners, instead of the plastic, disposable kinds. Adult diapers are available in every supermarket and drugstore, but for most people, the issue of incontinence is embarrassing to admit to. Today, people can purchase adult diapers discreetly online through popular and trusted sites. These websites also offer subscription services so that a regularly timed delivery can occur without the hassle of having to remember to purchase them every time the supply runs out. People should discuss with their doctors any bladder control issues because there are medications that can help ease any discomfort or put an end to leakage all together.

Are diapers good for teens?

Teens should not need to wear diapers. If the teen is having problems with incontinence, they should see a doctor to find out what is causing the problems. There are adult products for people with medical conditions that cause incontinence. These are not diapers, but are designed to accomodate the adult body. -- Yes, diapers are good for teens if they need them

Where can you find diapers for your teenage son?

They sell adult diapers at Wal-Mart.

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