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You don't have to think about it because there is a part of the brain called the medulla oblongata. This part of the brain regulates many things one of which is breathing. Also if you try to hold your breath, eventually the brain realizes that it is being starved from oxygen and "over rides" you systems causing you to breath again.

Answered by Jessica Henderson aged 12

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Q: How can you breath without thinking of breathing?
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What is the difference between ventilation and breathing?

breathing is when you can breath yourself without the help of anything however ventilation is when you need the help of something to breath.....

What is an involuntary act?

done without thinking such as breathing

What happens first breathing in or breathing out?

you first breath in and then you breath out

Is breathing a voluntary action?

No, breathing is not voluntary. We breathe because we need to and we don't think about it. If we didn't breathe we would be dead, so it is an involuntary action. Breathing is unique in that you can temporarily control it, but most of the time breathing happens without thinking.

What is breathing without air called?

You can not breath without air..... Do you mean living without oxygen......then that the word is 'anaerobic'.

Is breathing an involuntary process or voluntary process?

Breathing is completely involuntary. You have to breath . Even with out thinking you will breath.

Can you live with out oxygen?

No. You can hold your breath for a certain amount of time, but you still can't live without breathing. Please do not try to stop breathing for this experiment.

When playing trumpet how can you continue playing without breathing where you need to?

You can use circular breathing where you breath in through your nose and store it in your cheeks ( I think, I can't do it)

Something you do over and over without thinking?

A few things i can think of are breathing and blinking

What happens when we breath out?

both you can start with breathing out or by breathing in

Where can one find more information about breathing underwater?

One reliable place to find information about "breathing underwater" is HowStuffWorks. This details why we are not actually able to breath underwater without breathing equipment.

Does dust pneumonia make you stop breathing?

it dose stop breathing a whole breath but you can still breath.