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Q: How can you best convince a listener that your thoughts are worth considering?
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What phrase from portion oBy using a speaker can convince a listener that his or her thoughts are worth considering.f Brutus' speech best demonstrates the character's use of ethos?

"In conclusion, I believe that Brutus' speech effectively conveys his integrity and credibility in persuading the audience to consider the validity of his thoughts."

How much is scot Parker worth?

about 15 million considering his age

How much is a 1943 Kaiser car worth?

Could be worth a lot considering the Kaiser was was built from 1946 to 1955.

How much is a 1989 browning accelerator bow worth?

Whatever you are able to convince someone it is worth. Realistically they don't have any value left.

How do you convince your paents to let you do Irish dancing?

Tell them how much Michael Flatley is worth. About $700,000,000

How much can an idea worth?

As much as you can convince someone to pay for it, which more often than not is nothing.

How much is 1 gram of 9999 gold worth?

1 Gram of .9999% of gold is curently worth $2500.00 considering.

Are Pluto's moons worth visiting?

Probably not, considering the money required to do such a thing.

What do you when you toddler gets sick?

Going to the doctors might be an idea worth considering.

Are CEO paid what they are worth?

They are paid exactly what they are able to convince others that they are worth. Just like everyone else, like it or not.2i think think everyone doesn't get payed what they worth

Is Kendra wilkinson a gold digger?

Considering she is worth more than her husband, i guess not.

What is the most difficult part of sales or customer service work?

to convince the customer that the product is really worth to buy .