How can women stop hating men?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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when men stop being so selfish and arrogant -.-

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Q: How can women stop hating men?
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How did men feel as role for women changed?

men felt terrible and crappy about themselves cause women are badass, and we are SO much better then them lazy men. Stop hating on us women, men! We got talent, brains, beauty, and strengh to kick all of your butts!

Who stops more at a stop sign men or women?

men stop more than women do at stop signs.

What were 3 conservative beliefs?

1. Hating Minorities 2. Hating Women 3. Hating the Youth

Why do women expect men to do everything?

So that men stop believing that women do everything

Can men stop checking women out?

no. sorry.

How do you stop hating french?

by learning it

How did men stop women from being unfaithful during the crusades?

The women were

How do you stop hating people?

you can stop hating peple by trying to see the better side of the situation you can go to church and pray about it or you can just kill them

What does the expression stop Hating mean?

stop being an fukhed to everyone

What are Britney Spears's weaknesses?

men hating her

Why do men like short women?

Because men love feeling superior and taller. Besides, short women are the best!

When will men stop treating women like objects?

Men will stop treating women like objects when they do not depend on them, also when they gets financially strong,and they themselves realize that they are in no way inferior to them!