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Q: How can the supervisor ascertain that an employee is really dissatisfied and not just pretending to have a gripe?
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Can a supervisor marry an employee?

A supervisor can marry an employee if they are in love

What is the supervisor employee ratio?

The supervisor emoployee ration gives an idication how many managers are in avarage per employee.

Programme to implement single and multilevel inheritance taking employee as sample base class in c plus plus?

struct employee { }; struct supervisor : employee { // single inheritance -- a supervisor inherits all the public and protected properties of an employee. }; struct manager : supervisor { // multilevel inheritance -- a manager inherits all the public and protected properties of a supervisor (and therefore an employee). };

What happens to a supervisor who employee said he has harrased him because of the supervisor asking the employee for money?

This is an ethics problem and the supervisor should be reported to the Human Resource Department. Supervisor should be reported to the Human Resource Manager.

When in doubt a leave request a supervisor should always?

Contact employee

What if your supervisor recently fired an employee for not being punctual What did the employee do wrong?

They were Late.

What statement is an example of prohibited practices?

Supervisor stops an award after an employee reported discrepancies with TDY vouchers

What are some limitations of employee welfare?

High labour cost Employees being dissatisfied

A relationship between an employee and a supervisor is a?

The relationship between an employee and a supervisor is a vertical relationship.

What courses can you take as an employee?

It would depend on what you do as an employee. Check with the supervisor/boss on his recommendations.

Who keeps a record of an employee's accomplishments?

Human Resources keeps files

Can a supervisor question an employee about their health?

In the US workplace, the general health of an individual employee is no business of a supervisor. Supervisors are forbidden to enquire as to whether an employee has a particular health condition such as AIDS, diabetes, etc.