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The steam can be used to turn a generator's turbines and make electricity.

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Q: How can steam be turned into usable energy?
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How are Nuclear energy transformed into usable energy?

Nuclear energy is used to produce steam. This steam used to rotate turbines

How is fossilfuel energy transformed into usable energy?

Fossil fuel (coal, crude oil) is burned or distilled to provide a usable energy. Either as a diesel or petrol fuel for an internal combustion engine, or to heat water to provide steam power.

Is steam energy the same as geothermal energy?

No, steam energy is produced whenever water is heated, and this can be by burning anything, as well as using heat from under the ground. Geothermal energy is specifically the heat from under the ground, which can be turned into steam to generate electricity.

What type of electric energy turns a turnbine?

The turbine is turned by steam and is connected to a generator

What is the difference between usable energy and the total amount energy?

usable energy changes, while total energy does not

What energy source powered the steam engine?

Other to coal I suppose you mean. Burning of any fuel like oil, wood, etc. Nuclear reactors. I suspect solar energy would make steam. It would be possible to use natural steam from deep in the ground.

What is required to change light into energy that is usable?

Light energy is already usable - please clarify.

How is nuclear energy transformed into usable energy?

In the reactor, heat is formed, and water is passed through pipes within the reactor. This water turns to steam and is used to drive a turbine, which drives a generator.

What is in steam energy?

inside steam is tiny particals that is called steam energy this steam energy are a type of energy used in factorys

What is the energy transformation to produce electricity using geothermal?

Geothermal energy plants use the natural heat (which is thermal energy) of the earth. Water turned into steam is used to turn steam turbines. This is a conversion of the thermal energy into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy of the turbine is coupled to a generator, and is converted there into electricity, which is electromagnetic energy.

Converts fuel particles into usable energy?

The mitochondria in a cell convert fuel particles into usable energy.

Tidal power how the energy source is turned into usable energy?

Large underwater turbines are placed in areas where tidal forces are high. Here they capture the energy produced by tidal motions to turn generators and produce electricity.