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either from old age or loud noises or if you have body fluids in your ears that really needs to be drained by a surgeon by them putting tubes in your ears or if you stick a Q-tip to deep in your ear while cleaning them then that could bust your eardrum.

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Most usually by exposure to loud noises, although repeated and severe ear infections can also lead to permanent damage.

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Standing next to a railway when a train passes by.

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Q: How can somebodys hearing be damaged?
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Can you ever gain hearing once damaged?

A person that has damaged there hearing can regain it back. The way for a person to gain your hearing back is too have surgery.

Hearing can be damaged by sound over decibels?


Is hearing can be damaged at 60dB or above?

no at 130dB or above

Can you dry your hearing aid out?

When hearing aids become wet, then it's too late to save the hearing aid from becoming damaged. If it is moist, it increases that risk of being damaged. If you were to dry your hearing aid, it increases the risk of the microphone being blown out. It's best to take hearing aids out and leave them in a dry area to avoid damage.

What year was somebodys birthday done?

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Which type of hearing loss develops when the auditory nerve or hair cells in the inner ear are damaged?

sensorineural hearing loss

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Can your ears be damaged by infections?

Yes, and left untreated it can lead to hearing loss.

Why should you protect your hearing?

If you don't protect your hearing, your hearing will get worse...and worse...and worse... there are little tiny hairs in your ears and loud noise will damage them. The more hairs tht are damaged, the worse your hearing will be. Hope this helps:)

Why do people were ear defenders?

To protect their ears and hearing from getting damaged by loud noises.

What are some instruments that are used to help people who have damaged hearing hear?

strength and goodness

Which receptor element is mainly damaged in nerve-type hearing loss?

Organ of Corti