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NJ Family Care can be applied for over the telephone, or at their website. The website features indepth information on this benefit and how to apply for it.

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Q: How can one apply for NJ Family Care?
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What to apply for in NJ after short term disability runs out?

If your disability is due to pregnancy and/or maternity leave you can now apply for NJ paid family leave. It pays the same amount as the NJ TDI plan for an additional 6 weeks so that you can bond with your baby.

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NJ Family Care is a great place to go for specialized New Jersey health insurance. There are other websites, such as E Health Insurance, where you can search for your city or state for insurance offers.

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IN , NJ?


Can you be fired for going on disability in NJ?

There are two law that provide job security during your leave for disability: the FMLA provides twelve weeks of unpaid leave for your disability. NJ has a separate law, but it provides leave for you to care for a sick family member - not your own disability. Your employer does not have to hold your job open if FMLA does not apply, or if your leave extends beyond 12 weeks.

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Early ARTS Family Child Care Home has weekend classes 207 Elm St, Elmwood Park, NJ - (201) 300-6009

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