How can making love be a sin?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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if you do it and your not married to the person

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Q: How can making love be a sin?
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Study the terraces of sin in purgatory In what way is love considered a sin?

Love is considered a sin when perverted love is directed towards others's harm.

Is love a sin?


Love the sinner and hate the sin?

Love the sinner and hate the sin means that you should love a person no matter what they do. You do not have to like what they are doing, but you should love the person.

Is wealth a sin to Jesus?

Wealth is not a sin to Jesus, but the love of money is.

Is Christian- Muslim marriage a sin?

there is no sin. marriages are made for love

Is a Sin to think to do wrong?

kind of, a sin is going against Jesus's rules or cammands. but in order not to sin the bible says you just have to act in love. if you act in complete love then you shouldn't be able to sin

Is laughing at old people a sin?

Laughing is not a sin but making fun of people can be.

Is violence a sin?

Yes. Jesus said "love your neighbour as yourself". Violence is not an action prompted by love. Sin is missing the mark, sin is being inlike God.

Is Loving a girl in christians is a sin?

Answer No religion consider love as sin, if the acts of those involve in the name of love and over lapses the limit that leads to sin and crime.

Is it a sin to love someone before marriage?

To fall in love with because you are attracted to them, no, to have sexual relations, yes it is considered a sin to do that.

Is making love a sin?

Depends on the person. Someone that has a religious belief, having sex/making love before marriage is definitely a sin. If not, then its not a sin. You'd define it being a 'sin' by how you judge. God defines it as a sin and therefore its a sin. You follow God's words so if you did it before marriage then its a sin. But, if you're NOT a religious follower, without God being your 'watcher' you could really do whatever you want with your life. Its your genitals, your decision, your feelings. There's no really 'right or wrong' if you're not under any religious belief. But of course this isn't a one person decision matter, its two people. If its consensual, and that you know you won't regret it, then its not a sin. Think carefully into the future before you do anything like this, because this can definitely hurt people if the wrong move is made.

Did violence come from sin?

Yes violence will come only from sin, and not from love for someone.