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VERY Quietly sneak in into their room. Approach their bed and then start gently removing the blankets covering their butt

. If you wanna look directly at their , try gently and quietly redirecting them to their back. Once you've done that,start getting hold of the top of their pants and slowly make your way to the edges and carefully, without touching the skin as much as you can, put your fingers into the top of their pants. Now here comes the hardest part: once you have completed the previous steps, slowly pull the top of the pants up. Then very gently, pull down. Don't forget to grab under wear to see butt as soon as possible. If th odd steps were too hard, you can gra b the sides of the pants and pull down. Do the same think with the underwear and there you go!


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Yea it's easy just give her a sleeping pill and tell her a partial

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u don't...

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Q: How can i remove the underwear of your sister while she sleeping?
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