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It's hormonal, not physical. The egg would still leave your ovaries when your tubes are tied, they just don't get past the tied fallopian tubes.

You still generate the corpus luteum and will still get your period.

Apparently you were misinformed. I would suggest talking to the Doctor Who did your tubal ligation.

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Q: How can get your period if the egg doesn't leave the ovary?
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When an egg cell is about to leave the ovary what is it called?


What does a new life start?

when mature egg cells leave the ovary

After An egg released from the ovary it will die if it is not fertilized in what period time?

12 hours.

What happens as an egg turns into an ovary?

An egg doesn't turn into an ovary. The ovary is the area from which the egg is released during ovulation.

After fertilisation what does the ovary become?

the ovary does not become fertilized and remains an ovary. if you mean the egg, it becomes a Zygote.

In seed plants the what contains the egg?


Can you get ppregnate 2 days after your period even if you have a 28 day cycle?

You can only get pregnant when an egg is released from the ovary. Two days after there is no egg.

In which organ are egg cells made?

in the ovary

What is the inner part of an ovary that contains an egg is the?

The inner part of an ovary that contains an egg is called a follicle. The follicle is a structure within the ovary that nurtures and protects the developing egg until it is released during ovulation.

What do you mean by puberty periods?

A period is when menstruation occurs. Basically, an ovum (egg) is released from either ovary. The egg travels through the fallopian tube connected to the ovary and, eventually, it enters the endometrium. While the egg was traveling, the endometrium was thickening. If the egg has not been fertilized by sperm, it evaporates. The endometrium is not needed. The endometrium leaves the body through the vagina as a reddish fluid. This is a period.

What o is when an egg cell released from an ovary?


What is the inner part of an ovary that contains the egg is the?

What us the inner part of an ovary that contains an egg is the