How can fire harm you?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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fire can harm you in away like burns and blisters

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Q: How can fire harm you?
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does an orange fire spider harm people?

Yes they do

Does the dragonfly harm the environment?

Yeah it is a dragon it breathes fire on plants and wildlife

Why is burnig hamful?

1.If the fire gets out of control, it can harm us and our homes. 2.Carbondioxide comes out of the fire which is harmful for our health and our environment.

What are the Consequences of incorrect use of powder blue label fire extinguisher?

you will die.

How could fire harm us?

You can get burned, it can kill you, burn houses and buildings, burn grasslands and forests.

What happens if you play with fire?

Playing with fire can be extremely dangerous as it can lead to burns, property damage, and even loss of life. Uncontrolled fires can spread quickly and cause harm to both you and those around you. It is important to practice fire safety and never underestimate the risks associated with playing with fire.

What harm do some specific chemicals do?

Toxicity, radioactivity, danger of fire, danger of explosion, corrosion, dangerous for the environment etc.

Are fire belly toads poisonious?

They won't harm humans, though you should wash your hands after you handle them. This is mainly because they carry bacteria. They do emit toxins that will harm other fish and amphibians in the same cage.

What is Destruction by Fire?

Destruction by fire refers to the process of causing damage or ruin by setting objects, buildings, or landscapes ablaze. It is a method of destroying property or causing harm through the use of flames and heat.

Can bad smell from the sewage treatment plant harm you?

My friend 'josh' thinks that by adding water to hot wax ( that is alrady on fire) will cause the fire to expand. Will this happen? Help me to prove this idiot wrong.

Do you teach children not to hide from firefighters during a fire?

Yes; children should go with the firefighters because they are there to save them. They will not harm children nor adults, they are their source of safety when there's a fire. So yes, teach your children not to hide from firefighters when there's a fire.

Is fire strong?

Fire is a powerful force of nature that can be intense and destructive under certain conditions. It has the ability to spread rapidly and cause significant damage to its surroundings.