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Well in syrup , There's alot of sugar and when you drink it , Well your drinking ALOT of sugar and sugars not good for you.Its not just sugar but its mostly just made up of sugar.

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Q: How can drinking syrup affect your health?
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How does drinking affect your health?

it makes you happy =]

How does binge drinking affect your spiritual health?

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it is so unhealthy for you

How can drinking from rivers and ponds affect a persons health?

It contains poisonous chemicals that imperils your lives.

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The high fructose corn syrup, phosphoric acid, and high amounts of sugar and caffeine can and will effect your health if you drink too much.

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It contains poisonous chemicals that imperils your lives.

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no it does not milk is a very good drink to have after a work out but not as much before your workout.

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Yes, it is not dangerous to our health. The Governement have made sure there is a very low turbidity rate in drinking water, so it won't affect you.

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Major health risks associated with drinking alcohol heavily is liver disease and mental health. If you think of a person as being a body and mind, then you can easily see that this is a recipe for disaster as both are seriously affected. Another way of answering that is that you will die is you continue to do that, no question about it.

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