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it can be a child of god

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Q: How can being honest contribute to harmony in the family community and nation?
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Why would you ask to be honest on a reference form?

Answer Its for your own benefit and also for the peace and harmony in the society

What community mobilizer?

Community mobilizer is a person who is responsible to enhance the relationship between community and the organisation

What are the school lyrics a love song.?

We have stood in honour and glory,challenge to win our victory.We fight to win our school a name,we strive towards our common aim.Oh ,henry park we salute to thee,we'll unite into a family,we will study in racial harmony,to be loyal and honest to thee.We have search for success and unity,happy and cheerful we will be,in games and work we give our best,in flying colours in all test.Oh ,henry park we salute to thee ,we'll unite into a family,we will study in racial harmony,to be loyal and honest to thee.

What is the word family for honest?


What are the characteristic as a person that you can contribute in this company?

i am energetic and organize person. i am honest,hardworking punctual,hyper

What family is considered poor but honest in to kill a mockingbird?

Tom Robinosn's family

How peer review benefit the scientific community?

Tends to keep people honest.

What is the falling action of the beautiful horse by paulo dizon?

When the boys realize that their family is an honest family and they decide to return the horse is the climax of The Beautiful Horse by Paulo Dizon. They came from a poor but honest family.

How to you be close to your family?

be open and honest if u have a problem with a family member try and work it out

What responsibilities do you have as an individual in the Australia community?

To earn a living, to be honest and to keep your feet dry.

How do you show love to your family?

i show my love to my family,im gonna b honest,faithful,and

How do you Discribe MrsFrisby?

she is a determined and honest mice. she cares about her family