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It can help reduce the likelihood of abuse as it provides an easy and less stressful way for an individual to report the abuse and is more likely to come forward and speke up. Also provides an effective method for social care worker to report any problems so abuse can be prevented from happening.

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Q: How can an effective and easy to use complaints procedure can help to reduce likelihood of abuse?
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How does an accessible complaints procedure reduce the likelihood of abuse?

Various forms of abuse continue to occur when the victim feels helpless to prevent it. If the procedure for lodging a complaint is accessible, abuse victims are more likely to use them, and perpetrators of abuse can be located and dealt with.

How can an accessible complaints procedure reduce the likelihood of abuse?

. Complaints are good way of considering how well the services are provided, it also helps us to identify if there are any weaknesses e.g. potential for abuse and neglect. A complaints procedure should be simple to follow because it encourages people to raise their concerns and it indicates that organization will respond to those concerns rather than ignoring them. If it's too difficult to make a complaint the abuse is likely to continue. If it's easy to make a complaint the abuse is likely to be dealt with sooner. On a bigger scale complaints make government to bring changes in their policies according to people demand.

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