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Q: How can alchohol affect the mouth?
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How does alchohol affect plants?

it kills them, because of all the chemicals in it.

Name 2 drugs that affect the nervous system?

Alchohol and cocaine

How does tobacco affect the mouth?

It cause the mouth an

What is an Alchohol burner and how is it used?

An Alchol burner is a burner that uses alchol. A alchohol burner is a burner that burns alchohol.

Why can't kids drink alchohol?

Kids cant drink alchohol because it it IMPOSSIBLE for kids to drink alchohol.

What organs do tobacco affect?

the mouth

Is alchohol denser than rubbing alchohol?

Pure ethanol is less dense.

What percent of the population drink alchohol?

About 49 percent of the population drink alchohol

Why do you not get intoxicated when eating baked goods?

I personally think that you do not get intoxicated because there is no alchohol in most baked goods. And if there is alchohol, you would not get drunk because there is such a small amunt of alchohol in it.

Can cancer affect your salivary glande?

Yes. Cancer of the mouth can affect salivation, taste and all aspects of the mouth. Also, radiation treatment in the area of the mouth can cause dryness and other side effects as well.

What organs does angina affect?

Your lungs buddy

Will water in mouth affect drug swab results?