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When are drugs harmful?

All drugs alter the natural brain chemistry, some more permanently than others. Depending on the type of drug used, duration of use, frequency of use, and type of drug being used, changes may be more or less extensive and permanent damage may or may not result. It is often the frequency and duration of use that determines how much drug use is "harmful," however, some drugs can kill with first time use. Cocaine has been known to produce heart failure with the first use. At least one study with marijuana has shown some brain cell damage with somewhat regular use in as little as three years. Alcohol can kill at any time by "chugging" at a rate more than the body can metabolize, causing alcohol poisoning. In short, any drug use is "harmful" to the body because it alters the body's natural balance and natural production of chemicals and hormones.

when you take too much of it, but lets define the word "drug" a substance that changes a person physical and mental state. in such cases, overeating is a drug that is harmful; because food changes your physical and mental state it make you feel full and satisfy. but not all drugs are harmful, like marijuana, this plant is not harmful in anyway only if you eat, but it is scientifically proven that smoking, not just marijuana; smoking as burning a carbon based material and inhaling the smoke of the substance, is harmful no matter what in certain degree marijuana doesnt cause or is linked to lung cancer
Drugs are harmful when someone takes more than a prescribed dose of a drug, when someone takes another persons drugs when they do not need it, and when someone becomes addicted to drugs, and when drugs have dangerous interactions, and when a drug taker experiences side effects.

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because a medicine is just a chemical, some can do harm some don't. In large doses some are toxic, aspirin and aceatominophin can destroy liver in high doses. If u want a better answer be mroe specific on what medicine

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Q: How can a medicine be harmful?
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The bacteria on or in medicine fights any harmful bacteria making you ill.

Are all drug harmful?

Of course not! Many cure diseases. Any drug that is used and abused more than prescribed can be harmful to your body. Cold medicine, flu medicine, tums, cough syrup, Tylenol, even vitamins!

Is medicine harmful for a length of time?

Maby if your a crack head like you

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Actually drug is a substance used a medicine. Medicines are prescribed by the Doctors for panacea of diseases. However overdose of medicine may be harmful to health. Homeopath medicines have no side effect and are not harmful at all. There are some syrups which have alcoholic contents, which are used by addicts for intoxication. On the above pretext, all the drugs are not harmful.

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Antiseptic is a medicine for harmful germs and to prevent them from growing

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Absolutely! It is very, very, very harmful!

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bad Indian medicine is used in a harmful way to hurt someone, call upon evil spirits to do one harm

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Nothing bad should really happen. The medicine should be specialy made to where the medicine should not be harmful.

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Yes but many of them are harmful to both man and plants...

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Most of them. You should be more specific on what medicine you want. Note: most antibiotics and potentially harmful drugs (viagra, vicodin, prozac) require a prescription.