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Wear jeans/knee length or longer skirt with a top that looks pretty but doesn't expose your boobs and isn't backless, don't wear too much make up (clear lipgloss is good.) Smile and suck up to both parents but don't be sugary. Don't act like the perfect girlfriend as it is in your boyfriend's eyes, act like 'a respectable young lady' and don't be a snob. And eat all the food on your plate, no matter how many courses there are. This may mean skipping whichever meal comes before, but don't tell them you did or they'll start thinking "ANOREXIC!!!". Hope this is useful.

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There are several ways a girl can impress her boyfriend. She can learn to play an instrument, sing a song, or even cook a nice dinner for her boyfriend.

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Q: How can a girl impress her boyfriend?
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How should you impress a girl who loves someone else?

say to the girl your boyfriend has been cheating on you and after impress her and ask her out simple.

This Girl you like has a Boyfriend and you like her What do you do?

Find a way to impress her.

How do you get a girl to like you if she already has a boyfriend?

try to impress the girl if that doesn't work sorry shes gone

How do you impress a girl when she has a boyfriend who is already married to somebody else and have kids?

you cant.. sorry

If i am little weak in study or any other and she is the hot girl and has a boyfriend with good personality how do you impress her?

ignore her

How can i get the courige to kiss a girl?

this is how my boyfriend did it but find something that you and that girl would disagree on and make a bet on it.or just trust your self and look in her eyes and impress her!

How to impress a girl who recently broke up with her boyfriend?

well, if she broke, show sympathy. then become her friend. slowly but surely, you'll get there.

How to impress your boyfriend relatives?

Just be yourself!

How to impress a girl by messages?

You can impress the girl by writing a message about how much you like and respect her.

How do you get a girl to say hi?

impress her but then how do u impress her?

How do you impress a girl at tutions?

you can impress her to show your intelligency

How to impress a girl in different way?

How to impress a girl well if there is like a pool you and the girl go to maybe the YMCA or something, and you have a six pack and a tan show it off! it is sure to impress any girl