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There's no way to be irresistable! That's just in movies. You have to go "the old fashioned way" and talk to them. WOAH, right? If you want a reliable and all around "good" relationship partner you should get to know them and they will like you or not depending on your personality. That's the whole thing about finding the right person for you. If you go around acting like you'll bang anyone you see, sir, you won't get anywhere.

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By being confident and being yourself. It is easy to believe that there must be a fool-proof formula that will make any guy attracted to a girl but this is not true. Every guy is an individual with personal preferences in girls as well as their favourite food, drink or sport. By being confident and yourself and talking to people, girls and guys alike, you are more likely to find people who will become your friends. It is difficult to be confident, especially when you are young. You are unique and different and, if you give people the chance, they will want to get to know you better.

Even by following these steps, there will be guys who don't find you attractive. This does not mean you are unattractive but that he is not the right guy for you.

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Q: How can a girl be irresistible to a guy?
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