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look cute if youre young and look beautiful if youre older like 20 or something and go next to the guy and say hi and *do not wink*(it just shows that youre desperate to date the guy) and if he looks like hes interested ( he looks at your face first and if hes a nice guy then first your eyes and if hes a jerk than ur whole body) strike up a conversation like u:hi my name is _______........whats yours?*nice and inviting smile*(do not try to flirt ull look stupid) him(if hes interested):hi name is _______ and may i know what a beautiful lady like you is doig here( i know im exaggerating but he just MIGHT!)

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To be a girly girl, wear makeup.

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Q: How can a girl approach a guy?
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How does a black guy approach a white girl in ninth grade?

The same way a white guy would approach a white girl in the 9th grade. Just try talking to her, ask if she's okay, what she likes etc...

What is a red light green light party?

it is a party where you wear red - u dont want a guy or a girl to approach green- you do want a guy to approach you or yellow- both

Does every guy have different approaches towards a girl or every guys approaches are the same?

every guy has a different approach

How do you tell a girl that you like her when you're a guy?

Approach her politely, and tell her how you feel about her. Be honest and yourself.

If you are interested in a girl how do you approach her?

Approaching a girl is not that easy for the guys, that would be one of the challenges they faces. It is embarassing for a guy to approach a girl, especially when a guy doesn't know that girl, but if you do really like her, there are no impossible and hesitations you feel and think. Go approach the girl with your confidence and not with your dropped shoulders and shaded face. Most of the girls attracted to guys who handles themselves with confident and in positive attitude. Approach her with your smile and showing up that you are interested with her. Do it in humble ways. Be true and add up some respect.

Why would a guy spend time staring at a girl and checking on her and wanting her to approach him?

Because he has thought about what might happen if he was to approach her and is probably afraid of rejection.

How to tell a girl you like her When your a guy?

Don't be shy, approach her, ask her out politely. Tell her how you feel exactly.

If a girl likes a boy how can she tell him?

In the past, the girl child shows her love by her action. But now the girl in question will say hi guy! I love your outfit, or mostly today greeting and presentation of approach is the order of the day. Be bold and catch your guy.

Do Niki manaj got a dick?

Yes in the vlad show she said she would rather a girl to approach her than a guy .

What is the best way for a girl to ask out another girl?

The same way a guy would ask out a girl approach her and tell her that you like her if she is straight then she might not be interested but you never know till you try.

I'm a shy guy how can you approach a girl you like in the year above?

just talk te her . she prob likes u . and if not its not the end of the world

How should a guy approach the sort of girl who is shy or isn't receptive to or used to conventional flirting?

say hi and ask to hang out sometime