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Your process should start by kicking his cheating self to the curb. You are letting him walk all over you. If you are still hanging around, he's not going to tell you one thing. He doesn't have to. He is thinking, WOW, I cheat on her, don't tell her anything, and she's still here? I bet you are still affectionate with him when he wants you....He is not respecting you. You need to just get up and walk away. You deserve better than that. Leave him. Your healing process will come with your next me.

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Q: How can I get my boyfriend who refuses to communicate with me about him cheating on me so I can get answers and start my healing process?
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You know this person has cheated on many occasions so why pour salt into open wounds? You are more curious as to your competition than you are about getting on with the healing process. Cheating is cheating and it really doesn't matter whom they cheated with. Just move on. I know it hurts, but it does get better. I know, I was married to a cheater once. Good luck Marcy