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You can't. Just use general statistics for their age and gender. Bladder capacity also has little to do with mitrical reflex.

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Q: How calculate bladder capacity of a child?
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What is the size of the human bladder?

The normal capacity of the bladder is 300 to 1000ml. However a bladder with the capacity of just over 2000ml is not unknown.

What is the biggest amount of urine as a bladder capacity which is registered in literature in normal and neurogenic bladder?

The largest bladder capacity was recorded to have a volume of 10 litres and was set in place by Jacquieline Smith.

How do you improve bladder capacity?

You should consult a physican.

How do you calculate the capacity of a machine using formula?

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What is the maximum capacity of urinary bladder in children?

100 to 300

What is the weight of a child's bladder?


What allows for the expansion of the bladder?

The bladder expands when it is increasing in capacity. The more urine deposited in the bladder, the larger it will need to be in order to compensate. If the bladder gets too big, it will result in infection or an ulcer.

How many pints is the capacity of bladder?

The adult human bladder can hold about one pint, plus or minus about four ounces.

How do you calculate machine capacity?

how to calculate injection molding m/c capacity

What does suboptimally distended urinary bladder mean?

The bladder is suboptimally distended with no gross abnormalities?

What instrument can be used to calculate specific heat capacity?

A calorimeter can be used to calculate specific heat capacity.

What is the bladder a reservoir for?

The bladder works like this: The kidneys filter the blood and send these liquid wastes to the bladder, where it is stored. Once the bladder reaches it's full capacity of about 4 cups, it has to dump the waste out (which is our urine, or pee)