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Some patients with Osgood Schlatter disease may require crutches when the pain is severe.You must be able to support your entire weight on one leg in order to use crutches. Crutches allow you to walk without placing any weight on an injured or painful leg.

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Q: How bad should your Osgood Schlatter be before using crutches?
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Is there anything wrong with a 16-year-old who has Osgood Schlatter Disease and whose knee cracks every time he bends it?

My Daughter has Osgood's too and was told by specialists that if it continues after the age of 17 then to return because they should grow out of it when body and bones stop growing. So you might consider seeing a specialist if it continues.

What if your Osgood-Schlatter disease never stopped hurting what should you do?

Warm up well before exercise, take ibuprofen or naproxen, ice the area under the knees after exercise. If that does not work consider taking a break from the sport that is bothering your knees and doing something else for a while. If the pain is bearable I would put up with it and know that eventually it will go away. If it is keeping you from being active then go see a doctor

Should you use crutches if you hurt a muscle in your thigh?

that would depend how damaged it is if it is very damaged you would need the crutches, and if it is not that damaged then you wont need it, but it will get worse without crutches

Should you use crutches if you have a sprained ankle?

Yes. I had to use crutches when I sprained my ankle. If you walk on it, it won't heal. And limping is fatiguing.

Irritated a nerve around breast using crutches?

The proper way to use crutches is to place your weight on your hands, not under your arms. Crutches should be adjusted so that when you are using them, there is space between your armpit and the top of the crutches. If you are already using the crutches correctly yet you still have an irritated nerve you can try different crutches that wrap around your forearms, or use a walker or wheelchair.

Does a twisted ankle need crutches?

It depends on you. If there's no fracture, than you don't need crutches unless you want crutches. If you feel you cannot walk easily/ step on your sprained ankle at all, than you should get crutches. If you can limp around just fine, then there is no reason to get crutches.

If you pulled a tendon in your leg should you wear crutches?


If a client needs to decrease the weight supported by one or both legs what should he or she use?


If there is a hairline fracture in your foot should it be wrapped?

no it should be in a special shoe and you would be an crutches i have had it done to me

Do crutches cause back pain?

you should use crutches because it takes the pressure of your heel also if you keep putting pressure it will eventually break.

Where do you say the pain is to get on crutches?

Crutches should not be used unless there is a specific need. Walking with crutches can cause falls, can result in pulled muscles, and can create new pain in an otherwise healthy person. Crutches shift the body's center of gravity and should not be used as a "plaything". As well, unless crutches are fitted properly for height and weight, the use of crutches can cause shoulder injuries.Instead of wishing to be on crutches, discuss why you are feeling you want them. Do you feel people on crutches get more attention? That they get out of responsibilities or get special perks? If so, discuss with your parents or a counselor what you feel you lack as far as attention.You might also talk to someone who has had to maneuver on crutches. It is not easy. It makes the arms, shoulders, back and the "unaffected" leg feel sore. It can create hip pain. Crutches cause inconvenience since you can't use your hands or arms to carry things. I bet people who have used crutches will tell you that they hated every minute and couldn't wait for the day they didn't have to use them anymore.

What is it like to break your leg and what should you do after you have had a cast and crutches Write about your broken leg stories.?

Breaking your leg isn't fun. Don't try it. Trust me. If you do, you should keep it elevated to prevent swelling. Take it easy for awhile. As for the crutches, you'll get the hang of them.