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Hubbly Bubbly or Hookah's are very bad for you, just as smoking is bad. Hookah contains nicotine as well as toxins from the charcoal that is burned in the Hookah. This makes Hubbly Bubbly/Hookah, more dangerous that smoking cigarettes.

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The origins of hubbly bubbly are in India and Persia. It is called hookah there. It is dangerous because it is smoking.

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Q: How bad is hubbly bubbly for you?
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What is the origin of the hubbly bubbly?

The hubbly bubbly, also known as a hookah, is believed to have originated in India during the Mughal Empire in the 16th century. It was initially used to smoke tobacco and quickly spread to other parts of the world via trade routes. Today, the hubbly bubbly is popular in various cultures for social gatherings and relaxation.

Does hubbly bubbly flavors have daga in?

No, the only time that Hubbly flavor contains Daga in it, is if someone puts it in. Hubbly flavor consists of molasses Tabaco, and does not contain tar like a Cigarette.

Is hubbly bubbly legal?

The legal status of hookahs depends on your country and your state/county. Re-ask the question with the missing information.

Hubbly bubbly side effects?

Hubbly bubble is better to smoke, mainly because it doesnt contain the chemicals used in a cigarette. Hubbly Bubbly is not addictive so one can smoke it and go on without having the urge to smoke it further. You can try it once and never again without any temptations or addiction. Hubble Bubblies are hard to setup any where so this reduces the amount of times your likely to smoke it, whilst cigarette smokers smoke up to a 'Pack' a day. Not to mention that the smoke gets filtered through water before it enters the lungs. Hubble Bubbly cannot not make you high or give you any other side effects associated with weed, pot or any such substance AS LONG AS, there is no mixing.

Is Hubbly addictive?

Yes, Hubbly can be addictive. This is because Hubbly is made out of tobacco and tobacco is a very addictive drug.

What are the danger of hubbly bubbly?

Shisha contains nicotene and tar like cigarette but in smaller amounts , its a factor for lung cancer, bronchitis, emphysema, and a factor of high blood pressure which leads to cornoary heart disease.

Can smoking hubbly bubbly give you headaches?

In general smoking one shouldn't give you a headache, unless it is the first time you ever smoke. But when smoking around 2 - 3 with short breaks in between, yes, it can give you a hell of a headache.

What is the Indian name for shisha?

Hookah is a waterpipe that is used to smoke tobacco. A special type of tobacco is indirectly heated using coals or wood embers. Hookah is also known as shisha, sheesha, narghile, argileh, goza, and hubbly-bubbly

Which footballers autobiography was titled the good the bad and the bubbly?

George Best

How can i help one of my friends who thinks it's harmless to smoke hubbly bubbly?

Just use side effect like "You know what, just smoke hubble bubble. I dont care if u pass away cause of hubble bubble.Its your decision. So go on and smoke hubble bubble."

What is the life of a ocicat?

Hubbly on my bubby when eating a jubbly

Can smoking hubbly bubbly be picked up in a drug test?

You're talking hookah, right? If you're smoking shisha--flavored tobacco--and they're not testing for cotinine, which they usually DON'T, smoking hookah won't show on a drug test. If you put weed in it, then it will show...but if you are putting weed in it, it's called a bong.