How are you not yourself?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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When you act out of character. If you are shy and consider yourself a wallflower and you have a couple of drinks to give you courage just so you will act more outgoing then that's not being you. To save you a lot of pain in the future, don't be ANYONE but yourself. You not only cheat others, but yourself. People who try to 'act out' being someone else generally don't do it very well and end up looking like a fool. Each individual is who they are whether it be good/evil. Hopefully, the good, whether shy, outgoing, handsome, beautiful, plain looking or even considered homely by others should let their souls shine through because each of us has something important to give of ourselves. If we pretend to be anything else but what we are, then others never see our true side which they may very well prefer to the one the person is acting out.

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Q: How are you not yourself?
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