How are worms harmful?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Worms can be harmful if they are ingested and become parasitic in the body. These worms can actually create holes in the intestines or the stomach and kill the host.

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Q: How are worms harmful?
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Which worms are harmful?

the truth is thers no harmful worms. even they look gross and that stuff there not harmful.

Are guava worms harmful to health?

yaa its very harmful

Can slow worms be harmful to pets?

Some worms can bite.

Why are worms harmful?

Depends on what type they are and where you find them. Worms in the soil and in compost heaps are a good thing. Worms in fruit and vegetables aren't nice, if you were planning to eat that stuff.

Are white worms harmful to your dog?

Any kind of worm is harmful to your dog and you should take him to a vet to be treated if he is exhibiting signs of worms.

Why are tape worm harmful?

Well its actually reasy easy . Tape worms are harmful because they are really soft worms . they have that soft skin broo duhhh ((; what you think of my answer ? jajajajajaja

Are earthworms harmful to humans?

earthworms are not harmful to humans theyare just pink and slimmyNo. Worms that are harmful to humans are roundworms, flatworms and hookworms.

Is eating large amounts of white sugar harmful?

Not so much harmful. But it does leave you a good chance of getting worms.

Are the worms in plums harmful if accidentally eaten?

No need to worry. Worms are small creatures and if accidentally eaten can be destroyed by acid in the stomach.

Is it harmful for your dog to eat earthworms?

i am not sure but i am guessing that it would be because worms go though dirt and who knows whats in the dirt where the worms go.

Are segmented worms parasitic?

Most are. For example, a tape worm. Humans and animals are its host.

Do you get pin worms form chewing your hair?

Yes. You get lots. They are very harmful, so I suggest you don't.