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They are able to solve their problems faster.


When you have mutual respect in a relationship everything in general in much better. You don't take each other for granted, you don't set aside courtesies, you are much closer in friendship and love, you talk things through, you listen to each other and I mean really listen, you respect each others point of view or opinion even if it is different. I believe for a relationship to be long lasting and healthy there MUST be mutual respect of some kind. Even if you may disagree on some matters, which is normal, if youhave overall respect for each other in general, you can work things out and have a great relationship. If respect is missingfor one or both parties in a relationship, I can't imagine that it could bring much joy, happiness, or growing together as a couple. In my opinion, a relationship cannot last and cannot be enjoyable if both people do not respect each other. Same thing goes for any kind of relationship whether it be friendship, business partnerships, love, etc. Respect must be present on both sides.

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Q: How are relationships healthier when the individuals involved have mutual respect?
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Mutual respect :)

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Respect for the individuals is usually demonstrated through honor, attitude, esteem and administration.

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Good business relationships are usually built on respect and following through with the business codes. Everyone enjoys being respected and responds positively to respect that is given. Kindness and respect always have positive outcomes in any realtionship.

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1. Self-respect and how to respect others 2. How to communicate 3. How to express emotions

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Friendly behaviour with respect to each other