How are medicines named?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Many times the medicines get their names from the chemical names that make up the medicine

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Q: How are medicines named?
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Do monkeys have medicines?

There are medicines that can be given to monkies, but the monkies do not have medicines themselves.

Where is the storehouse of herbal medicines?

the storehouse of herbal medicines is the forests. We get many medicines from there.

All drugs are medicines but all drugs are not medicines?

True all medicines are drugs but not all drugs are medicines or legal anyway.

What is the motto of European Medicines Agency?

European Medicines Agency's motto is 'Science. Medicines. Health.'.

Are medicines Perishable items?

Yes, medicines do get expired. Once expired it is risky to consume such medicines. The expiry date for conventional medicines is listed on it, and for homoepathic medicines it is uniformly 5 years from date of manufacure.

Is uranium used in medicines?

Uranium is not used in medicines.

Are copyrights applicable to medicines?

For medicines they are called patents.

Who are the greek gods of medicines?

Apollo was the god of medicines

How can you use medicines safely?

How can you use medicines safely

Are all medicines trusted?

not all medicines are trusted

Are medicines included in drugs or drugs included in medicines?

Drugs included in medicines is thou. because in medicines use drugs as too to treatment to patios. Both drugs and medicines are inter related these two item can't be along.

What act group medicines in to 3 categories?

The medicines act 1968