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Substances enter a cell through the cell membrane

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Q: How are diffusion and facilitated diffusion similar?
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Diffusion with a channel protein?

They are the channels by which molecules enter in facilitated diffusion.

What is a protein moves molecules across a membrane?

Facilitated diffusion moves molecules through cell membranes passively.

Are aquaporins involved in osmosis or facilitated diffusion?

facilitated diffusion

How does Facilitated diffusion differs from diffusion in that facilitated diffusion?

Facilitated diffusion uses integrated proteins that act as channels for ions or molecules to pass through.

Is facilitated diffusion active?

No. Facilitated diffusion is a type of passive transport.

Does glucose enters a cell most rapidly by facilitated diffusion?

it enters most rapidly by facilitated diffusion!!

What is the diffusion of water through the cell membrane is called?

Facilitated Diffusion

Does osmosis or facilitated diffusion require the presence of membrane channels?

facilitated diffusion

How is facilitated diffusion similar to diffusion ion channels?

Facilitated diffusion and diffusion ion channels both involve the movement of substances down a concentration gradient without requiring energy input. However, facilitated diffusion involves the assistance of carrier proteins to transport specific molecules, while diffusion ion channels are specialized proteins that form pores in cell membranes for specific ions to pass through.

Three types of passive transport?

There are three forms of passive transport, or the movement of biochemical and other atomic or molecular substances across the cell membranes. They are: osmosis, simple diffusion or facilitated diffusion, and filtration.

Is osmosis an example of facilitated diffusion or active transport?

No. Facilitated diffusion is an example of passive transport because it does not require the cell to expend energy.

Facilitated diffusion required what?

Facilitated diffusion requires membrane proteins