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all cultures are way different.

differs in believes, thoughts, acts, and so on.

for example: Muslim believe in Allah and don't eat pork and some other meat out there.

Muslims must really be protective, they should be covered from head to toe married or not, but...

christian believe in god and some of us eat pork and any other meat out there. and we can wear whatever we want or see because we don't have to be cover up.

Yes cultures are different but not all are way different. Many have similarities in their language for example, or their world view or spirit world view. To write how culture across the world are different or similar would be difficult to do.

Many cultures have similarities in language. In Chinese they have a question marker - ma. In Visayan a language of the southern Philippines they also have a question marker - ba.

Similarities can also be found in traditional stories such as creation stories.

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Q: How are cultures similar and different across the world?
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