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Carrier-linked drugs are often activated through hydrolysis.

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Q: How are carrier-linked prodrugs activated?
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What functional groups are the most common in prodrugs?

They are alcohols and carboxylic acids. They are usually activated by hydrolysis.

How can the hydrolysis rate of prodrugs be slowed down?

The hydrolysis rate of prodrugs can be slowed down with the usage of sterically hindered esters and the use of long-chain fatty acid esters.

What drugs will show up as morphene on a drug test?

All opiates except for morphine are what they call prodrugs. Prodrugs turn into other drugs in your body before they're metabolized, and what they turn into is morphine. So, any opiate shows up as morphine.

List of prodrugs user in cancer treatment?

Some cancer therapy prodrugs include: cyclophosphamide capecitabine dacarbazine - is ONLY converted to active form by the liver 5-Fluorouracil etoposide phosphate gemcitabine irinotecan - therapy relies on strongly active metabolites in addition to an active parent compound. These must be metabolized into an active metabolite in order to kill a cancer cell. Sometimes this occurs in the liver, but most of the above medications can be activated inside any cancer or normal cell also, so the expose their full anti-cancer effect locally, and hopefully avoid as many body-wide side effects. No drug is 100% safe.

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Why does morphine show up as heroin in drug test?

Opiates undergo a two-stage metabolism when you take them. First they become morphine and then they make you high. Drugs that do this are called Prodrugs.