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Usually through radiation sterilization. Ethylene Oxide is also used by some medical products providers. There is usually some indication of the sterilization methods printed somewhere on the box or package.

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Q: How are band aids sterilized today?
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What did earle dickson sterilize band-aids with?

He sterilized the bandages with crinoline. Hope that helps

Are used band aids recyclable?

Ewe!! No! Things that are in contact with human body fluids, need to be sterilized before using them again. This process of sterilizing a band-aid, would destroy the band-aid.

How did the band-aid become popular?

Earle Dickon popular by giving free band aids to boys scouts in 192.By 1924, Band-Aids were made by machine, sold sterilized in 1939, and made with vinyl tape in 1958. J

Can q tips be bulk sterilized?

Yes they can be bulk sterilized but in turn, once you take them out of the package they were in they are considered not sterile anymore. The only way to really sterilize them as well is to put them into an autoclave. Yes but they'd have to be individually wrapped afterwards, like Band Aids. ~ T

How do band-aids help us today?

They cover the wound, preventing dirt from infecting the wound.

What makes waterproof band-aids waterproof band-aids?

Waterproof Band-Aids are touted as being able to stay on in water. What makes them different from regular Band-Aids is that a stronger adhesive is used.

What are the of Band aid?

they are made out of adhesive tape and a piece of sterilized gauze.

How many band-aids have been sold?

the band aids that have been sold are 200

Are all band aids called band aids?

No, Band-Aid is the brand name for bandages. Through the years, people have just starting calling bandages Band-Aids, rather they are that brand or not.

Who invented band aids?

Earl Dickson

Allergic to adhesive band aids what can I use instead?

Every pharmacy has Allergenic band aids.

When were band aids?

the band aid was invented in 1920