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by your dna

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Q: How age can be recognize if date of birth is not known?
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At what age did St. Valentine die?

Little is known about St. Valentine of Rome, including his birth date.

What is the date of birth of the author Sally Gardner?

Ms Gardner for reason only known to her has never revealed her age or her date of birth.

What age red cloud died?

Red Cloud was 86 or 87 when he died. His precise date of birth is not known.

How old is Evan Taylor?

Evan Taylor is not stranger to the media. Sadly his age and birth-date are not publicly known at this point of time.

What is Australian actress Peta Sergeant's birth date?

Peta Sergeant is an Australian actress best known for her role in "Satisfaction." She was born in Malaysia and moved to Australia with her family at a young age. Her date of birth is not available online.

What does votre date de naissance et votre age means in french?

Your date of birth and your age.

How old was Peter the disciple?

Peter was crucified upside down, in the year 64A.D. in Rome, as his birth date is not known we can not tell his real age.

What was the date of hades birth?

he was born in the golden age

What is the age difference between Danush and iswarya?

4 year difference.danush date of birth 1983.aishwaryr date of birth 1979

What are the ages of the duggar girls?

Josh- 21jana & John-David- 19Jill- 18Jessa- 17Jinger- 15Joseph- 14Josiah- 13Joy-Anna- 12Jedidiah & Jeremiah- 10Jason- 9James- 8Justin- 7Jackson- 5Johannah- 4Jennifer- 2Jordyn-Grace- 1 year**NEW!** Josie Brooklyn- currently, 9 days.

When was randi alschul born?

Randi Alschul was born in 1960. Randi's exact birth date is not known. The estimated age is 53 to 54 years old.

Your son died and you used his social number on your taxes How likely will the IRS catch this on your taxes?

We do NOT think that your age and date of birth will match up with your sons age and date of birth and name for his SSN.