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their is affected because it can cause anxiety, drowsiness, and failure of activities


It is a constant everyday struggle to try and control your blood sugar from counting carbohydrates for every meal to trying to guess the right amount of medication to take . If your blood sugar is is too high you feel sickly, dehydrated, weak and tired .It is a struggle to perform everyday activities and if it goes over 350 you can have a heart attack, so that fear alone is there all the time and is very stressful. If it is to low you will have a hypoglycemic attack where oxygen is temporarily depleted from your brain and can cause you to feel dizzy, shake and sweat. and the aftermath of a low attack will leave a person exhausted and weak, somewhat similar to the repercussions of having a seizure, often times after a severe low the body goes into shock and you will involuntarily shake for a while. If it goes too low you can lapse into a comma and die. So that knowledge to is VERY stressful. Everyday is a constant battle of control. One must be cautious at all times of every little thing they eat and then worry about how it will effect their blood sugar within the next few hours .If they are a type 1 diabetic ,they have the added stress of having to try to calculate how much insulin to take before they eat ANYTHING and then pray to God that they guessed it right and won't go too high or too low. Along with ALL of this all diabetics must juggle the needs of other peoples eating habits as well as their own. From cooking for other family members to going out to eat at a restaurant witch in itself is often times difficult because it's hard to count how many carbohydrates are in restaurant meals and the aftermath of simply eating out can be more trouble then it is worth .A diabetic must prick their finger every few hours a day to know at all times what their blood sugar is because not doing so can result in disaster. A diabetic who is" un aware" can pass out randomly and that can be dangerous. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetics are subject to all of these things on a daily basis. Everyday is filled with stress, concern and worry. The mind is never at rest. The body always subject to the repercussions from any mistakes concerning food choices. They spend some days making the right decisions and reaping the psychical benefits of having made those choices and other days paying the horrible psychical toll from not making the right decision's. Diabetics often feel depressed un supported we are often times subject to ridicule from others family or outsiders who have NO CLUE that YES we DO have to eat that piece of cake! because our blood sugar is LOW! and you don't want to call an ambulance!! W know that this is out of concern, BUT, it is also harrassment! Diabetics feel very alone and strung out in their world.This is how Diabetes effects everyday life, most of us just want to survive, and we do the best that we can.......

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Arthritis can affect every aspect of someone's daily life. It makes everyday tasks very painful, especially tasks that require the use of your hands; like cooking, dressing, writing, typing, holding items, etc. Tasks such as sitting down or standing up are painful because there is extreme pressure on joints. Overall, Arthritis makes living very painful and difficult.

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It can cause burning, swelling, stiffness, and pain.

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Q: How a person's daily life is affected by Arthritis?
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