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Child development depends on biological and psychological health. Thus, a child's health and ability to learn influence each other because learning is easier for a healthy child.

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Q: How a child health and ability to learn influence each other?
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What aspect of health includes the ability to learn from your mistakes?

Mental health

Which aspect of health includes the ability to learn from your mistakes?

Mental Health.

What type of health is the ability to learn new things and tolerate differences?

The ability to learn new things and tolerate differences is called

Where can one learn about child health and safety?

The best way one can learn about child health and safety is from one's doctor. They have degrees in the subject and are probably more knowledgeable than any websites online.

How all areas development are interconnected?

All aspects of child development are interconnected. e.g: a child's ability to learn new information is influenced by his ability to interact appropriately with others and his ability to control his immediate impulses.

How much does a child learn from there parents?

Parents are the biggest influence on a child. The parent that the child is with the most, the child will act like them the most. When a parent does something mean or rude or they cuss then the child thinks its okay to do that, which its not. The child is with there parents the most, therefore the parents have a huge influence on their children

Which deficiency will most likely impair a child's growth mood attention span focus and ability to learn?


How do literate communities affect child and adolescence development?

Reading cultivates the ability to want to learn. When children wan to learn more, they do learn more, thus developing an ability to learn. When the child grows and is searching for a particular trade, they will read about certain trades. When they decide on a trade, they take part in activities to help learn about the trade. They also read. Do you see the trend? Reading helps a child all throughout life, whether it be learning their ABC's, reading school textbooks, or getting a job.

How does reading help children learn?

Reading improves a child's vocabulary, and (arguably) their ability to see. Also, reading helps children learn about grammar, sentence structure, and the ability to understand what a word would mean without the aid of a dictionary.

Where can I learn about first time diabetic symptoms?

You may learn about diabetic symptoms from your doctor if you are an adult. Or, even your health teacher if you are a child that is unwilling to tell your parents. Also, you can learn about diabetic symptoms on certain health sites that deal with diabetic people. Such as the Red Cross.

What is the best age to learn?

The critical period is a time where a child has the best ability to learn and I believe that it is around age 3-6. During this period children learn much more quickly and retain info better.