How DNA affect society?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I believe it can based on murder investigations. Matching DNA at a crime scene, ESPECIALLY a murder, can affect all society around you, who may be a relative, the culprit, a neighbor, or a friend. Even people you don't know because people get scared. Without DNA, we, as a country, would not be able to establish who was guilty of many, many crimes in the USA. It puts the bad people away and, once they're away, it makes people feel safer. It has also helped to free innocent people from jail because of no DNA testing being available a long time ago. And that affects the innocent person VERY much and people who loved the innocent person. DNA also makes people wonder how they can change human nature, I am sure. So that would cause greed upon some people and to keep secrets. Therefore, anything about DNA can affect society, I believe.

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Q: How DNA affect society?
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