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Everyone expresses love in different ways, there is no particular "Chinese" way to express love, as they are like everyone else.

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Q: How Chinese express love?
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How can i tell a gal i love so she can acept i love her?

Remember this thing, words are not that important but your feeling and the way you express the words you can say. Just express what you feel sincerely, be true to yourself...

What does iy mean to say your in love?

You feel a strong connection with the person, and would do anything to make them happy, and you want to say how you feel or express it so you tell them you love them.(:

How do you prove to someone you love him?

Tell him how you feel. Express yourself to him. Tell his privately you love him, whisper it to him. It can take a long time. Remember that actions speak louder than words.

Difference between love and sex?

Sex is much different than love. Love is something you feel for another person and you don't need to have sex to express your love for someone. There are many other ways to show someone love. Like Just spending quality time together and making the them happy. If you truly love someone, you love for who they are on the inside and you don't need sex to prove it. sex is just an act and many people who are not truly in love partake in it.

Why do you human kiss?

because, they feel the need of phisiclly tuching of any part including thr wet moist lips, the also enjoy the feeling it gives to their lips just like a masage but for your lips.human kiss because they like too. human find interest in kissing it like saying why do dog bark. human have always kiss as a sign of love or just for fun. most games get started by kissing like spin the bottle.spin the bottle is pretty awesome. but i bet peole kiss ust because they want 2. just 4 fun.& i absolutely love my bf, & were gonna have our 1st kiss 2morrow nite & i bet it will be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!My threary on that question is that humans kiss to express felelings such as love. I express love with my girl friend and we kiss onlly to express love. It can aslo be use to help people feel better. When she is sad i give her a small peck on the lips or possibly a cheack.

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