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7 before your p3n1s is tired.

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Q: How many times can you mate per day to still be healthy?
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How many times does a cheetah mate in its lifetime?

as many as it wants..

How many times have Liverpool won the premiership?

18 times, mate.

How many times a year do gulls mate?

1,000,180 times they love it!

How many times should rabbits mate to sure pregnancy?

5 times

How many siblings can a mouse have?

Depends on how many times the parents mate.

How many times do squid mate in their lifetime?

Only once.

How many times do great danes have to mate to ensure pregnancy?

It depends on the sexual health of the mating danes. In case of most healthy pairs, one round of mating is enough for the female dane to conceive

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Dude, they bang all night

How many times have you seen your mate before you met?

not very many:P

How many times ayear do slider turles mate?

go to google!

Do grey squirrels mate twice a year?

they could mate as many times as they want depending on if the male and female get into fights a lot.

Can a min-pin be pregnant and still go in heat?

yes in order for your dog to get pregnant she will have to mate a couple times