Holes in tonsils

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Is there a difference between tonsil crypts and, tonsil holes? If so what is it?

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Q: Holes in tonsils
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Will holes in your tonsils go away?

no they will not go to the doctor quick or else you could you know what i mean

Are the holes on your tonsils caused from smoking marijuana?

No, your tonsils job is to release white blood cells into your mouth to fight off infections. (Thus needing holes.) Over time when you age, your tonsils may grow in to irregular shapes, grow crevices, or event appear to have bigger holes. Now, that it is uncommon for people to get a tonsillectomy, more people find themselves battling the things like tonsil stones. Which are a mass that grows in the holes and crevices of your tonsils. This mass is primarily made up of pus, food, and bacterias. Many people think that it might just be left over food stuck under the back of their tongue, but in all actuality its a bit more than food. Smoking marijuana isn't the culprit for these stones as it can happen to anyone. However, many types of bacteria grow better on a warm dry canvas. (Think cotton mouth.) -- RMZMD

What are Types of tonsils?

Tonsils, palatine tonsils and Waldeyer's ring. Tonsils are part of the lymphatic (Immune System)

What tonsils are located at the back of the tongue?

lingual tonsils

The pharyngeal tonsils are also called the adenoids?

Palatine tonsils and adenoids are NOT synonymous. Palatine tonsils, sometimes called faucial tonsils, are found at the back of the throat. Adenoids are the pharyngeal tonsils, located in the back of the nasal cavity.

What are the three tonsils?

There are FIVE pairs of tonsils in the pharynx or throat, though the exact number will differ depending on the textbook:Nasal (lymphatic tissue in the nose)Adenoids/Pharangeal/Luschka (nasopharynx)Palatine (oropharynx)Tubal (pharynx side of the auditory tubes)Lingual (oropharynx)Note: the cerebellar tonsil is a structure in the brain.

What tonsils can be found in the oral cavity?

Tonsils, palatine tonsils and Waldeyer's ring. Tonsils are part of the lymphatic (Immune System)

What gets removed during a tonsillectomy?

Both the tonsils are removed during tonsillectomy

Is tonsils singular?

No, it is plural, you have two tonsils in your throat.

How do you spell tonsels?

The correct spelling is "tonsils."

Which of these is part of lymphatic system?


Do kids get tonsil stones?

Yes you can feel them. Its an uncomfortable feeling in the back of your throat that's really irritating! But go and see your doctor if it is really bugging you.