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A high red blood cell count is a result of conditions existing in the body. An increase in red blood cell count can increase due to low oxygen levels in the body. If the kidneys have too much protein, they can also increase red blood cell count.

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Q: High red blood cell count
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How can low red blood cell count be improved?

by getting a high blood cell count.

Is 41 white blood cell count high?

41% of red blood cell

What causes a high red bllod cell count?

Injecting blood into your system when you don't need it can cause high red blood cell count. Certain diseases can cause it too.

Does high red blood cell count stimulate further red blood cell production?

When there is polycythemia, one should dilute the blood to prevent it from clotting.

What does low white cells and high red blood cells mean?

Someone who has a low white blood cell count indicates they have a suppressed immune system. White blood cells work to fight off disease. If somebody has a high red blood cell count, it means they have large count of red blood cells in their system. A high blood cell count can be triggered by various conditions such as heart failure, hypertension, COPD and emphysema.

What if your red blood cell count is 5.62?

A red blood cell count is within normal limits for adults.

What does a low Red blood cell count indicate?

low red blood cell count indicate anemia

What would happen if a person had a high red blood cell count?

cow the bear

What does a high white cell count and low red blood cells count mean?

You need to talk to a doctor.

What does a high red and white cell count in urine indicate if no bacteria are present?

If no bacteria are present in the urine, a high red and while cell count probably indicates a kidney stone. Blood is leaking into the urine from the kidneys, and blood contains blood cells.

What can cause low red blood cell count in pneumonia?

The disporia or disportion of farmia, a cell based substance that has a high protein count.

Why does your urine contain high red blood cell count?

A high red blood count in the urine is an indication that something is abnormal. There is either an infection in the urinary tract or kidneys or it could be more serious.

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